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    Kevin De Bruyne

    Kevin De Bruyne is a famous footballer who has made a name for himself playing for the Manchester City club and the Belgium national team. He is renowned for his skills as a defensive midfielder, commanding control of the field with his expert footwork and quick thinking. Kevin wears jersey number 17 on the field, which further exemplifies his incredible ability and prowess. Through years of hard work and dedication, Kevin has carved out an outstanding career as one of the league's top players, earning him legions of fans both at home and abroad. Whether you're a fellow pro or an avid fan, it is clear that Kevin De Bruyne is truly one of the greats. 

    Kevin De Bruyne manchester jersey

    Club career

    Kevin De Bruyne rose to fame after making the move from Genk to Chelsea in 2012. He proved himself to be a talented player, quickly becoming a fan favorite at his new club. However, he was soon sent out on loan to VFL Wolfsburg, where he truly flourished. It was during his time at VFL Wolfsburg that he caught the eye of Manchester City, who brought him on board in 2015.


    Since joining Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne has gone from strength to strength. He has quickly become a key player for the club, dazzling fans with his silky skills and strong play on the field. This past season saw Kevin De Bruyne step up his game even further, helping guide Manchester City to victory over tough opponents like Liverpool and leading the team all the way to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

    Kevin De Bruyn jersey


    Whether Kevin De Bruyne will continue to dominate on the football field remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: this talented midfielder is here to stay. With his signature Kevin De Bruyne jersey proudly hanging in fans' closets across the globe, Kevin De Bruyne is sure to achieve even more successes in years to come. And that Kevin De Bruyne jersey #17-will forever hang proudly on everyone's jerseys as a reminder of this remarkable player's undeniable talents.


    Belguim national team

    Kevin De Bruyne is one of the most talented soccer players in the world. He has proven his skills over and over again on the field, representing his home country of Belgium in international tournaments and fixtures. Kevin's career first took off in 2010, when he made his debut for Belgian national team at just age 19. Since then, he has racked up an impressive record, scoring a total of 13 goals in 58 matches for Belgium.


    Not only is Kevin a talented athlete, but he is also incredibly dedicated to his craft. Just as devoted to succeeding in soccer as to wearing the Kevin De Bruyne Belguim jersey with pride, Kevin has worked tirelessly to hone his skills and improve his game. It is this passion and talent that makes Kevin one of the top players on today's soccer scene. Whether he's putting on a show at home or shooting for victory on the international stage, Kevin De Bruyne is always ready to compete and give it all that he's got. And we can't wait to see what he does next!


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