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BuyJerseyshop - BuyJerseyshop






    Payment Types


    We offer a variety of convenient payment options to enhance your shopping experience:


    • Credit Cards:  Visa, Mastercard, AE, DC, and JCB for hassle-free transactions.

    • Debit Cards:  Visa and Mastercard debit cards

    • Wise :

      (Formerly TransferWise) Experience secure and convenient money transfers with Wise. The handling fee is covered by our website. Upon confirmation, we'll promptly provide our Wise account information for seamless transactions. For further assistance, feel free to contact via email at [email protected] .

      For more information on using Wise, refer to this link or watch this video guide.


    • Zelle:

      Make use of Zelle for quick and straightforward payments.

      Learn how to use Zelle by watching this informative video tutorial.


    Payment FAQ


    Q1: Why does a credit card fail to process payment at times?

    A1: There are several potential reasons for a credit card payment failure:


    1. The credit card may not be authorized for international transactions. Please contact your issuing bank for a resolution.


    2. Each IP address is limited to one payment per day, allowing for one order to be processed.


    3. Insufficient credit limit on the card.


    4. Our credit-card system may not accept the card. Consider trying an alternative card.


    5. Ensure that the billing address matches the address where you'll receive the order.


    6. Double-check the accuracy of the credit card information, including the card number and CVC code.


    Q2: How can I resolve the aforementioned payment issues?

    A2: Consider using a different card and ensure that the shipping information matches the billing information.


    Q3: Why is my payment still pending after submission?

    A3: A potential reason is that your payment was not successful. Please await further instructions. Once received, your order status will be updated to "Paid." If your card was charged but the order remains "Pending," please reach out to us via email for prompt assistance.


    Q4: How secure is my payment?

    A4: Rest assured, payments via escrow are fortified with VeriSign encryption, which represents the highest commercially available encryption technology. We prioritize the confidentiality of your credit card information and account details.


    Q5: How can I confirm if my payment was received?

    A5: You can verify the status of your order to confirm whether your payment was successfully processed by us. Additionally, your bank will send a confirmation email once the payment is completed.


    Q6: Why was I charged an extra amount?

    A6: It's important to note that your bank may apply international exchange rates and service charges. We, on the other hand, only charge the price of your order.


    If you have any further inquiries or require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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